Cuisine soignée
café de qualité

Holybelly’s concept is simple. Good food, good coffee and good service in a consistent fashion. We take pride in the food we serve you, in the coffee we brew and in the way we welcome you and look after you. Our space is casual, the vibe super-relaxed but the food and coffee is top shelf and that’s a contrast we love to maintain.


Weekdays : 9am to 6pm, kitchen closes at 3pm
Weekends : 10am to 6pm, kitchen closes at 3.30pm
Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Public holidays – Check our Facebook/Instagram – Weekend hours apply
We don’t take reservations

We like to share. A lot. Check us out on Instagram
 I’m sorry what’s that?! Oh you had plans for the weekend? Well, you still got plenty of time to call a rain check and join us for what’s going to be a DELICIOUS Thanksgiving Special! We’re partnering up with @brooklynbrewery who will be supplying their yummy Post Road Pumpkin Ale, in the plate… hum… it’s a surprise! I can tip you off on a couple of things though. Think buttery, hot, house-made biscuits, a healthy portion of juicy, slow cooked, turkey drenched in super reduced, sticky meat sauce, a bit of fresh and zingy cranberry sauce for good measure, limited edition sweet potato hash browns and… ah that’s enough for now! To find out what else we’re cooking up, come meet us a HB tomorrow or Sunday starting at 10AM! Can. Not. Wait! #ThanksgivingChezHB #TuViens #CestBonCa #TurkeyBiscuitsAndBeer #ItsGoodBecauseWeCare  Let’s take it as a compliment shall we? @queensheadholborn, you might want to have a chat with your graphic designer… and the person who picked the name…  #DejaVu #Lazy #CopyCat #GladYouLikeIt #ThereCanOnlyBeOne #DuncanMcCloud #OftenImitatedNeverDuplicated  Our brand new 4K Convotherm mix oven just pooped itself! Hospo friends, who knows a good repair guy?! Please share, we need our oven BACK! :) / Copains de la restauration, notre four à craqué! Vous connaissez un bon réparateur de matos? Partagez, on a besoin de notre four! :) #HookABrotherUp
 Super-juicy-flavour-packed turkey coming at you tomorrow!! Had a little taste of the meat with a little splash of super reduced meat juice on top… holy crap son, so so good! #FallOfTheBone #Juiiiicy #CestBonCa #SloooowCooking #ThanksgivingAtTheBelly #ItsGoodBecauseWeCare  Gorgeous cranberries for our weekend special! #Classic #Fresssssh #ThanksgivingAtHB  Nick Miller from The Age came for brekkie at HB on the Sunday we had just re-opened the shop and we started talking. I mentioned @lebibii and I spent some time in Melbourne so he started taking notes. Yesterday my man @aaronswood sent me this photo, glad Nick found some of what I said interesting enough to put it in print. #NicoAlwaysTalking :)
 Got a couple of @luckypeach left on the shelf, now is the time friends! The breakfast issue is landing soooon! #BestMag #Period  Just got our delivery of @brooklynbrewery Post Road Pumpkin Ale just in time for our THANKSGIVING WEEKEND SPECIAL at HB! Releasing the menu SOON! It’s gonna be so delicious I might have to take the day off! #ThanksgivingAtHB #BeerAndTurkeyAndBiscuits #JeMangeChezHB #ItsGoodBecauseWeCare  And we're BACK! (And so are you!) So good having all of you guys over today! Let's do it again tomorrow shall we? :) #TheClicker #YaDuMonde #JeMangeChezHB #ItsGoodBecauseWeCare