Cuisine soignée
café de qualité

Holybelly’s concept is simple. Good food, good coffee and good service in a consistent fashion. We take pride in the food we serve you, in the coffee we brew and in the way we welcome you and look after you. Our space is casual, the vibe super-relaxed but the food and coffee is top shelf and that’s a contrast we love to maintain.


Weekdays : 9am to 6pm, kitchen closes at 3pm
Weekends : 10am to 6pm, kitchen closes at 4pm
Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Public holidays – Check our Facebook/Instagram – Weekend hours apply
We don’t take reservations

We like to share. A lot. Check us out on Instagram
 So I would usually never post a photo of the queue, I think it’s kind of pretentious and a bit of a dick thing to do all around but this morning, when I saw this EPIC line of people stretching far down the street at 9:30am on a cold Saturday morning I thought what the heck, this is too awesome to pass on! It’s been 2 years now and we’ve been fortunate enough to see that line pretty much everyday at HB but we don’t take it for granted, we consider ourselves lucky and we all know this could stop one day! Maybe one day you guys will get tired of it and there’ll be no line anymore! We’re just enjoying the ride for now and will see how far it’ll take us while working relentlessly everyday to put good food and coffee on the table! Props to the troopers who filled up the place in sub 4 minutes this morning! You guys are insane/amazing! #FeelingTheLove #JeMangeChezHB #MerciLesAmis  Thursday is the new Saturday!  #OhBoy #BigDay #JeMangeChezHB  We spent the summer together, had to deal with the same peeps, the same frustrations, we both saw our openings delayed not once but twice, we numbed the pain with good food and good wine and now we're finally all back in business! Congrats on your reopening Nico, @telescopecafe 2.0 is beautiful! Good to have you back! #LightAtTheEndOfTheTunnel #GoodFriendsDoingGoodThings #WelcomeBack #DayOff
 Our buddy Fred responsible for all the deliciousness @gravitybar stopped by today to smash a BellyBuster© aka egg any style and ALL of the sides! Well done good sir and see you very soon! #LesCopains #JeMangeChezHB #MontrealInTheHouse #TruckerBrekkie #Laliiiin  Paid a visit to Carlos on the way home, his produce is just unbelievable! Look at that color/texture! Left with a lot of everything for the apéro, I even found the stuff my spanish grandma used to make me snacks with, the dangerously addictive, spreadable sobrassada! #ParisRulesRightNow #DoingOurRounds #GoodPeopleSellingTheGoodStuff #AllOfTheCuredMeats #DayOff  Watching others work on our day off!  All sorts of deliciousness going on at Le Richer! Thanks for a great lunch guys! #DayOff
 Fresh copies of the latest @luckypeach waiting for you at HB! Scrambled eggs with a side of quality writing and a delicious cuppa, this could be your morning! :) #QualityPress #ReadMore #JeMangeChezHB  Paid a super overdue visit to our friends @broken_biscuits_paris That figue tart had been calling my name all day and we got there just in time for me to smash the last one! Thanks for the delicious gouté friends! Can't wait to come back for more soon! #GoodFriendsDoingGoodThings #DoingOurRounds #ParisRulesRightNow #BromptonAdventures #DayOff  Okay so the good news is, I’m not going insane! Today, as the place was about to implode, people everywhere, inside and outside, with what felt like a zillion dockets to tackle, struggling to keep up with the never ending flow of drinks to make and people to sit (I swear I never made this many coffees in my entire life!) I was telling myself “This HAS to be a record day!” and it WAS! 260 covers were served at the Belly today! That’s just incredible! Thank you thank you, to all of you, who decided to spend your Sunday with us! And thank you to our amazing staff! Surround yourself with passionate, hardworking people, tell them what you need and how you want it done and beautiful things will happen! Till next weekend gang! Now get some much deserved rest! Pictured above, the very tired but very proud HB family! Cheers to doing what we love everyday, without ever compromising! #RecordDay #ItsGoodBecauseWeCare #ThankYou #BeerOClock (@rosiechococake You were missed for knock-offs tonight but we opened an extra beer for you!...and I drank it! Great work today trooper!)