Holybelly’s concept is simple. Good food, good coffee and good service in a consistent fashion. We take pride in the food we serve you, in the coffee we brew and in the way we welcome you and look after you. Our space is casual, the vibe super-relaxed but the food and coffee is top shelf and that’s a contrast we love to maintain.


Weekdays :
9am to 5pm, last orders at 2.15pm
Weekends :
10am to 5pm, last orders at 3.15pm

Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Public holidays :
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We don’t take reservations

It’s nothing personal, really, it’s just that we only have 49 seats in the shop and that first come, first served is the best, fairest system we could come up with. Just FYI, our biggest tables can accommodate up to 5 people, any larger parties will have to be split over separate tables.


We’re located in the 10th arrondissement, within walking distance from place de la République. You can get to place de la République with métro lines 3, 5, 8, 9, and 11. The closest subway stop to HB is Jacques Bonsergent and it’s on line 5.


Just a few sexy photos of the Belly so you know what you’re getting yourself into. If you want to see more you can download our photo pack over here.


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 Probably going to get in trouble with @lebibii and BOH for posting this plate of half-demolished food while it was so perfectly plated only moments ago but to me it's BEAUTIFUL !! And delicious. So delicious. 🥓🥓🥓#Beans #Bacon #Shrooms #Poached #Lescure #Vegemite #ItsGoodBecauseWeCare  When we first opened back in 2013 I would cringe when people would refer to HB as being a “brunch” place. Every time someone was like “Oh so you guys do brunch!” it was like a punch straight to my guts. That was mostly because the state of brunch was so bad back then, so sad, big plates of inedible food, dry mini-pastries, individually wrapped portions of bad butter, bad ham and the likes for 25€ while were on the other end of that spectrum : everything fresh, cooked à la minute, all house-made with rich, interesting flavours and seasonal produce, real cooks cooking real food. The fact that all our efforts would be washed away instantly by the confusion induced by the word “brunch” used to bother me immensely. Now, we’ve been here a bit, people know what we’re about and how we do it so I don’t get chuffed by the B word that much, it is what it is. All this to say, today’s weekend special is : Eggs Benedict! I know right, 3 years ago I would have rolled my eyes in despair, such a tired dish that belongs on the Novotel outdated breakfast menu, right next to the stewing bacon and dried scrambled eggs, people have been asking for it and I’ve always showed firmness on the issue, an “over my dead body” kind of situation. But you know what? I’ve done some growing up and as Ray Kroc once said (just finished his book) : “I believe that if you hire a man to do a job, you ought to get out of the way and let him do it. If you doubt his ability, you shouldn’t have hired him in the first place.” BOH wants to take a crack at Eggs Benny, why the hell not? It’s in that spirit that this weekend we’re happy to serve : Eggs Benedict, two poached eggs covered with house-made hollandaise sauce, served on top of warm house-made brioche with fried purple artichokes from Sicily, smoked pecorino shavings, and a leafy green salad with raddichio and pine nuts. Time to swallow my pride and wash it down with this beautiful plate of food.  #ItsGoodBecauseWeCare  The re-branding crew hard at it! I think you're going to love what's coming... #ItsGoodBecauseWeCare #DuLourd #HB2
 Business owners friends in the République area, watch out for this dude. Both the rolling door and the front door were locked. Seemed like he had a copy of the keys for outside and he kicked the door in violently. He's organized, took his time with it, the whole thing took about 20 minutes, he kept walking away and coming back. Lifted the rolling door, walked away, tried to open the door a first time, walked away, kicked the door open, walked away and then finally got in for about a minute. Happened at 6am this morning. It seems like alarms on and locked doors just ain't enough these days! (En Français, faites gaffe les amis!) #Relou #OceansOne #NeighborsWatch #BeCareful  Vegetarian couscous is where it's at! Melt in your mouth veggies, a beautiful buttery couscous with a little kick topped with a bit of yogurt to cool things off! Perfect balance! #NotJustBreakfastAndEggs #HbLunchMenu #ItsGoodBecauseWeCare  New floor going in today!  #PassionTravaux #HB2 #CleanSlate #StartingFresh
 It never gets old and it had been too long! Quality food crushing @thesunkenchip tonight! #FishAndChips #Classic #Neighbors #LesCopains #OnEstBien  They grow up so fast!! Congratulations to our girl @akeltoum for getting through her first day flying solo on the machine! @damiansuomi has been teaching her the ropes for a few weeks and today she stepped up to the plate to cover for him (damn flu virus!) and knocked it out of the park! Nice one! ☕️#BabyBarista #NotForMuchLonger #BusDriver #ItsGoodBecauseWeCare  What a 500mm exhaust pipe looks like, @lebibii for scale! Gonna be able to cook ALL OF THE BACON with this bad boy!! 🥓#GoBig #NotMessingAround #FourHundredCovers #HB2 #PassionTravaux