Hitting the halfway mark


Wow, that came fast! Well things are moving along nicely at Holybelly. Tiles are down, walls have been neatly covered, kitchen is getting installed, electricity and water are brand spanking new and we are getting a little bit more psyched everyday. Seriously, just walking in the space and seeing what we’ve modeled in 3D on Sketchup becoming reality is a super strange feeling, you get this heart palpitation thing going, I think it’s pure excitement kicking in.

While the guys are working hard on the chantier we’re ticking away that never ending to do / shopping list running around Paris, gathering all that we need for the big day! (By the way I recommend the ubber excellent Wunderlist to keep track of what needs to be done! Fantastic, free, beautifully designed list making app!)

Also we posted an add on Craigslist looking for floor staff and we got a tremendous amount of emails in the following 48 hours which was a great surprise! We’ve organized back to back interviews on Monday and are excited to meet our future employees! Some really promising leads!

Till next time!

HalfwayMark (4 of 4)

HalfwayMark (1 of 4)

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4 Responses
  1. Your photos make it look huge!

    What’s happening with the under-roof space you discovered?

    • Nico says:

      Hi Jason! Yeah the 16mm definitely makes it look bigger than it is! 70m2 total though, it won’t be a small café :) The under-roof space will be insulated and boarded up with some reclaimed old barn wood, should be pretty sexy!

  2. Lou says:

    How scarybutincrediblyexciting it must be to see plans become a reality. I can’t wait for Holybelly to open, I shall certainly be paying a visit – good luck with everything! xx

    • Nico says:

      Hey Lou! Yeah it’s definitely a strange feeling but fortunately it’s definitely more excitement than it is fear! Thanks for the kind words and see you really soon.

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