Last year we produced just a few bottles of cold filter coffee using 33cl beer bottles and some stickers from vista print. We only made 50, just for kicks, and they sold quick. People loved them. It’s super refreshing and it’s a nice and different way to enjoy cold brew, especially since Holybelly is minutes away from the Canal. We called it, Cool Brew, it was V1.0.

Since last year’s experiment, the idea of producing a larger scale, more polished version of Cool Brew has been on the back burner. That’s why this year we’re doing things bigger, better, and we’re calling it Holy Brew.

  What is Holy Brew?

It’s really quite simple. It’s regular filter coffee, brewed the old fashion way, bottled, capped and then cooled down in the fridge. But first and foremost, Holy Brew is delicious.

  How is it made?

Again, it’s a very simple process. We brew a 3 litres batch of coffee using a Marco Shuttle Brewer. We use the golden ratio of 60 grams per liter. Not trying to re-invent hot water here. So 180 grams of Cafes Belleville goodness coffee for 3 litres of water. Delicious, clean, calibrated water. Then we gently pour the delicious coffee into 33cl glass bottles. Pop a cap on each bottle manually and leave them in fridge over night and tada! You got Holy Brew. Now, I know there are fancier ways to make cold coffee, slow dripper and such, but to be totally honest, every cold brew I ever tasted that was produced using the “1-drop-per-X-minute” technique ended up tasting like a mix between cough syrup and tooth paste. I’m looking at you Blue Bottle SF. I want my 6 dollars back.

  How does it keep?

If kept in the fridge Holy Brew will taste great for weeks. We’d recommend you drink it pretty much right after you leave Holybelly though. Chilled to the max, tasting its best. The bottle you just bought is 48 hours old maximum. We bottle small batches of Holy Brew every night, 20 to 30 bottles, that we’re sure to sell in the next 48 hours. That way we can guarantee that the coffee you buy is always super fresh.

More questions about Holy Brew, shoot us a line at HELLO(at)HOLYBEL(dot)LY

If you need hi-res photos of Holy Brew, just click the link below! Simply credit Nico Alary / Holybelly. Click here to download