We got mugs!

It should take you about 2 minutes to read this.

We always wanted mugs for Holybelly but for some reason it didn’t feel quite right to get them right away. I think having your branded mugs on opening day can look rather tacky. People don’t know who you are, what you’re up to, why would they want to fork 12 euros for your mugs or feel any kind of excited about them? This week is our 56th week as an operating business. You know who we are, you know what we stand for and therefore it seemed like the perfect time to spend a little cashola and import 300 sexy branded 12oz dinner mugs from the states. All the way form Memphis TN and now hanging on our shelf in Paris 10th, it’s my pleasure to introduce, the HB mugs!

For the story, we’ve been trying to get those mugs done for a while now. We started way before Christmas and were hoping you could pop a few under the tree but our patriotism got the better of us and we decided to work with a French company to get the mugs done. Big mistake. In the pure French tradition we had to fill a bunch of paperwork, send all sorts of documents, validate dozens of mockups to finally receive 200 mugs that were absolutelty fucked. Pardon my french but seriously, I was so excited when the FedEx guy rocked up with 13 boxes in the middle of a busy friday service, I thought that was it! After patiently having been waiting for weeks to receive them, the mugs were finally here! We cut open the first box with the same kind of excitement a 6 years old feels on Christmas morning only to find out that the positioning of the design on all of the 200 mugs was off. Way off. Neither was it aligned horizontally nor vertically. It was a mess. A bulky, in the way, disappointing mess. I called, got angry on the phone, as you do in France. We were offered 200 new mugs. They showed up a few weeks later. Fucked again.

So we took our business elsewhere, all the way to the states where they know what a sexy mug looks like! Only 2 weeks after placing the order we received 300 perfectly printed mugs. Beautiful, strong mugs. We are so freaking pleased with them, worth every penny! (Major props to my boy Mark Free who hooked me up with the right peeps!)

Two words about the motto on the mug “It’s good because we care” Well, it really is that simple. It just defines what we do and how do it. We care about what we put on your plate and in your mug, all day every day. It’s not pretentious, it’s not cocky, it’s just the truth. Sarah remembers every single poached eggs she sent out and wasn’t happy with. You can count them on the fingers of one hand and she stills talks about it. True story ;)

Anyway, long story short, the mugs are here, we love them, they’re a pleasure to sip from and they can be yours for 12 euros a pop!

And here are a few photos of the mugs in action! A big thank you to Bigtakeover and Remy for looking so good on camera :)

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  1. russ trapani says:

    My wife and I own and run our French bakery here in Pleasanton California, we are true frankofiles and many of our clients live our ideas on places to go in Paris….and we would love to include your shop on our list. I’ve been to Paris 8 TIMES…Miss it there big time..
    let’s stay in touch

  2. Jon says:

    Good morning. My wife and I visited Holybelly while gallivanting through Paris and absolutely loved it! Even though we are back in the US, we religiously follow you on Instagram and Twitter, dreaming of when we’ll get back. Our anniversary is coming up and I’d love to surprise my wife with a couple Holybelly mugs. Please let me know if you would be willing to ship a couple to the US; I’d be happy to pay the cost. Thanks so much!

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